Talviloman korukurssi / Winter holiday jewellery course

Where and when?


Pe 13:00 - 15:30

Gräsan Taitojen Talo

Luomanportti 2
02200 Espoo

Who for?

12 to 17 -year-olds

What does it cost?

Materiaalimaksu käytetyn hopean mukaan. You will be billed according to the silver material used.



Registration has ended


Gräsan taitojen talo, Espoon nuorisopalvelut

nuoriso.grasa (at) espoo.fi

tel.046 877 3899

Instruction available in the following languages

Suomi, english

Kaulakoruja /rannekoruja hopealangasta ja helmistä. Ohjaajana hopeaseppä Heta Andersson

Winter holiday jewellery course;necklaces/braceletes made with silverwire and beads. Workshop is led by silversmith Heta Anderson in Finnish and in English.