MoovKids Summer Karate Camp +1 Sleepover in Espoo for 10+ year olds, 18 - 21June, Green Advanced+

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Ma 09:00 - 16:00


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02240 Espoo


10–10 -vuotiaat

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250€ Hot lunch and snacks included in the price.

Hot lunch and two snacks included in the price.


29.1.2018 12:30-17.6.2018 12:00

Please register online at: A camp for children who already do karate. Monday to Thursday, 9-16 each day. Drop off from 8:30am. Wednesday June 20th is a sleepover night.



Darlene Koskinen

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English, Finnish

A four-day karate camp for children who already do karate. Karate sessions covering kata, kumite, fighting tactics, fitness testing, team-building exercises, terminology, and bonkai learning. Hoke Kumite's and learning of kata.

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018 is a sleepover.

For children who are green advanced and above only.

A hot lunch and snacks are included in the price.

Please register online here:

Karate Activities

Learning the basic punching techniques
How to do the basic karate kicks correctly
The four basic blocks used in kumite
The 4 most common karate stances
How to react quickly and correctly
Basic self-defense techniques
About the history of karate
The discipline required for karate and why
Fun partner activities
Games supporting all of the above
Testing fitness and flexibility

Other Activities

Outdoor free play
Ball games
Short runs

Extra requirements

A karate gi if your child has one
Own punch gloves if possible but we have plenty too.
Lots of energy!